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Launch Love: Danae Grace Events!

July 4, 2015

We feel so lucky to work with the most amazing clients, and will be featuring some of our recent brand launches on our blog. We’re excited for the opportunity to showcase our capabilities, as well as the fantastic relationships we’ve built with the businesses (and business owners) who’ve engaged us. If you’ve ever considered retaining Ashley & Malone for branding and responsive website development, blog design, stationery, or anything else, keep an eye on this post series! (Or, just reach out and say hello – we’d love to chat with you about your needs!)

Without further ado…we’re pleased to present our launch of the Danae Grace Events brand! Danae Grace is an event planning and design company based in California, and they reached out to us for guidance in their brand identity, website blog and more. Of course we were thrilled to welcome them to the Ashley & Malone experience!
The Client:
Danae Grace herself was a dream client. From the first moment we spoke, we knew it was going to be such a fun process working together. One of the reasons Danae admitted to hiring us was because we shared a very similar style, so perhaps our companies were destined to be a match!
The Process:
The design process for Danae Grace Events was a really interesting one. Truth be told, the logo we ended up selecting for Danae wasn’t one of the original concepts we created. What people don’t realize about branding is that it can be a struggle to really recognize that change is needed. Oftentimes, we will feel apprehensive about doing something different – risk can be scary. Rest assured, Danae and I really worked through her branding as a team and came up with a beautiful logo that was not only reflective of herself, but one that her dream client would be attracted to as well. It’s feminine, elegant and oh-so-professional. Danae’s brand is rooted in her creative and kind spirit and the true uniqueness of the designs she creates for weddings.
Danae Grace branding, created by Ashley and Malone
The Products:
For Danae’s web design, we created a concept that really allowed her work to shine through and that focused on the user experience. Throughout her website, we guide the user from page to page to enjoy the full experience of Danae’s brand. We’ve used photography, typography and thoughtful copy to connect the site visitor with Danae, creating the foundation of a beautiful event planning relationship.
One of my favorite elements of Danae’s site is her blog. I’m in love with the titles and how seamless the design is executed, and I can’t wait to see the content she and her team will create!
The Result:
After our work together, Danae was left with a fresh brand that’s as stylish as she is. We hope you’ll take time to explore Danae Grace Events’ stunning new website and blog. Be sure to check out Danae’s blog post about her branding experience with Ashley & Malone, too! When you’re ready to begin your own journey of defining and cultivating the perfect brand for your business, and the website, blog and stationery to go with it please contact us. We’re happy to help and can’t wait to hear from you!

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