"The Malone Agency took our ideas and branding goals to the next level. They took our confusing brand and gave it a new fearless look that speaks to our ideal clientele. They do not do "one size fits all" branding and it shows in their details. They think of everything and how it translates to your clientele. Thank you , we couldn't have done it without you!"

— Brittany Zahora

"One of the best things I've done for my business and brand thus far has been to hire the team of Malone Agency. My website went from a dated and busy mess to a sleek and modern – to represent our desired market. The process from start to finish was a smooth and seamless with quick communication and flawless end execution on a timely manner. They gave me undivided attention to the project and work tirelessly to create the right look and feel for your niche market. I am beyond happy and have nothing but the best to say about them."

— Sadaf Kherani

“They have changed the course of my business and the business of over 30+ clients that I have relationships with. There is no one better than this team!”

—Leila Lewis

“I can’t stress enough what a positive experience I had with Malone Agency. They are a true expert the field and I tremendously valued their opinions and insights on how to make my site the best it could be. The team far exceeded my expectations and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.”

—Robin Michele Baab

“I was introduced to the Malone Agency through a close colleague and PR strategist, both of whom raved about their work, passion and dedication to brands on the luxury and ultra luxury side of the market. I researched many companies for this project and kept coming back to the Malone Agency as our number one choice. The ROI was immediate. Just over one month of utilizing the rebrand, I saw the return on investment and then some through the booking of my most VIP client to date.”

—Keri Ketterer Walter

"Working with the Malone Agency was a gift. They were so patient with me as I thought through and vocalized what I saw as the future of our brand—and they turned it into a beautiful reflection of who we are. Echoing our goal to be elegant, elevated, and modern they have created a look and feel that channels all of those things and more. I can not say enough good things and feel so grateful for all that they did for me and my company."

— Alicia Keats

"The Malone Agency was kind and professional every step of the way. They are extremely organized, and have a step by step process to walk you through rebranding and design work. They were timely and responsive, and they do beautiful work!"

— Laura Peacock

Modern Brands, Made To Last

Booking Process

You'll book a time to speak using our calendar link. We'll chat about your project, needs and goals.

We'll discuss project fees and what it will take to help you achieve your project results.

Once approved, we'll send you a contract and invoice deposit. Along with the next steps to get started.

If we're aligned, we'll create a custom proposal that includes services, budget, timeline and more.


If you’re thinking about investing in yourself and your business, you’re bound to have questions. 

Q. How many clients do you work with?
Our dedication to our clients is what matters most, therefor we only take on two clients per month.

Q. What type of budgets do you work with?
Most clients starting budgets are between 15k–40k, depending on the amount of services involved.

Q. What kind of clients are your ideal fit for your agency?
We've found that we work best with established brands (over 5+ years in business) or product based startups. For service-based brands, typical revenue of over 250k is recommended to invest in our services. We also work with clients who are grossing in the 1-5M range. 

Q. Why do you talk about money so much?
Our process requires an abundance of transparency and trust, and a big piece of that is being comfortable sharing money information. It's our job to help you meet your goals, and as a business you need money to do that. So we get quite cozy with our clients, the more we know, the more we can help you grow and reach the next level.

Q. How are your payments setup?
We require a deposit between 5k – 10k to book on our calendar, with the remaining payments spaced equally during the project schedule. Both online payment and wire payments are accepted in USD currency. 

Q. What is the return on investment?
We have yet to speak with a client after a project that hasn't grown their business significantly. On average it takes 1-3 months to see the ROI. For most clients, if you book 1 new client, your project will have paid for itself and then some. But there are so many other benefits too!

Q. What industries do you specialize in?
We are equal parts hospitality, wedding, interiors, lifestyle and e-commerce. Our diverse background and expertise in these segments give us an edge of knowledge and operational background to make an impact.

Q. How long does a typical project take?
For core services like strategy, branding and website design, it's about 4 months from start to finish.
E-commerce projects add about 2 months for packaging and launch rollout. 

Q. Who will I be working with and how we do communicate?
You will be working with us as a team. Ashley will lead all introductory calls and oversee all Creative Direction. Dallas will lead all development and will work alongside our in-house team. Taryn will manage all client communication, organization and weekly updates. It's a well oiled machine that leaves you feeling connected to our team.

Q. Do you offer ongoing support, what if I want to continue our project?
We offer various options to continue our working relationship. For web projects, we have maintenance packages that help with monthly updates to keep your site running smoothly. We also work hourly for clients who need less support. For branding, packaging and marketing, we work with  clients on an as-needed basis, quoting each deliverable as you need it. 

Q. How much work is required on our end?
You will be required to answer various business/branding/website questions via an online form. This task takes most clients a few days to complete. There are hard questions, but get amazing results. You will also need to plan and organize your photography, products and copywriting. Though we provide full instructions on best practices and make it as easy as possible. The good news is that once you do this once, it's very quick going forward when it's time to make updates. 

Q. Who needs to be involved in the project?
The introductory call must include the business owner and main stakeholders in the company. We do not meet with people who are not the decision makers at the company. This is also true for all design meetings and design reviews/approvals. The business owner must be involved directly with our team. If you have other team members who can take over tasks like copy and image submission etc, that is wonderful! 

Q: How often do we meet?
After the proposal is accepted, we will schedule a brand meeting with our Partner and Creative Director Ashley. During this call we'll go through the ins and outs of your project and you'll meet our team. During the design phase, each main deliverable will include a pre-recorded video of Ashley presenting your concepts, with clear explanations and strategy. This allows multiple people to be involved in the process as you can watch the video on your own time and we're not subjected to timezone or calendar availability issues. If you would like to book a call after a presentation, we'll send you our calendar link so we can speak and review together! Overall, we're flexible and happy to communicate when needed.

"They are a top notch creative team that knows how to conceptualize the intangible aesthetic every business seeks to create, and finds a way to translate it into an elegant look that bring your business to life."

— Matthew Antoun

More Testimonials

"Your brand is everything...and working with Malone Agency is everything. From the first e-mail, to the day your site goes live, you will feel like you are in the right place, with the right team. Above all else, that's the best part - they become part of your team and your success is their success. They are worth every dollar, and then some. We couldn't be more grateful for their branding and design work - they are truly creative geniuses.

— Katie Webb

“Working with the Malone Agency was such an amazing experience. From the initial contact until my website launched, they were extremely detailed, thoughtful and tremendously creative. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!”

—Brooke Keegan

Working with the Malone Agency exceeded all of my (incredibly high) expectations. Everything from the branding process, the design and website were so detailed and authentic to my specific brand. I never felt like "just another client. I've secured 5 clients since launching – at my increased and FULL rate!". 

— Ashley Pigott

"There is no one I trust more than Malone Agency. They have been my branding partner for the past 4 years, including two websites and ongoing projects. Things have gotten INSANE since rebranding (in the best way possible) - I attribute so much of my success to the brand you’ve created for me. Thank you so much for everything you have done!"

— Cameron Ruppert


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