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Branding your interior design business

August 14, 2023

Navigating the timing and complexity of branding while you’re inundated with the day-to-day operations of your interior design business is a challenge a lot of designers face. Whether it’s the mundane tasks of social media, feeling inspired to work “in” your business or simply just finding the time or headspace to make it all look and feel exactly how you imagine is none other than overwhelming!

I’m here to provide some clarity, inspiration and some simple tools to make it more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Consistency –

The most overlooked aspect of an enviable brand, is simply making everything the same. And by the same, I don’t mean keeping it boring – but the simple use of repetition in your execution. For example, use the same logo fonts across all platforms. If you main brand colour is blue, use the same version of blue on your printed pieces, on your website, on social and any other thing your brand touches. That will ensure that when a customer, client, potential lead sees your brand, they will start to associate those details with you. The brain remembers details, so seeing that blue, could trigger a memorable response and thus always allow them to seek you out when they are looking to hire someone new.

Visual Look –

Much like consistency, creating an appealing visual look and feel is essential to connecting with your customers on a surface level. Attraction is in fact a very powerful way to create desire, trust and admiration – convincing a client that you are the right fit for what they are wanting to achieve themselves. You can also use this very method to repel clients that you don’t want to work with. For example, if you are a traditionalist and steer away from modern design – you will want to choose fonts, colours, graphics etc. that appeal to a classic customer. Using traditional design details, will not appeal as easily to a contemporary and minimalist client.

Collateral –

For most people, interior design is a luxury and so it’s only natural that your customer journey should reflect a high-end brand experience. The most effective place to begin is to look towards other brands that your clients shop at – whether obscure or mainstream and emulate some of their tactics. A luxury client has expectations far beyond a typical consumer, so delighting them with something personal and experience-driven is a must!

I hope these tips help you in branding your interior design business, or allow you to narrow down the search for a design agency that specializes in your industry!

Ashley Malone