We help luxury wedding planners, venues, florists, and photographers turn heads in an increasingly competitive industry. 

Whether you’re aspiring to enter the luxury wedding market or fallen out of love with your outdated brand, you know it’s time to invest in a visual identity that reflects the reputation you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Branding and Website Design
for Wedding Professionals

—Joseph Mills

"Simply put, you will never achieve your goals without a great brand behind you. The Malone Agency understands that vehicle and what it takes for you to resonate with your ideal clientele. They take a deep dive into what inspires you - your hopes, dreams, and desires - and build the framework to make it a reality. Our leads are more qualified, our web presence matches our product, and we receive so many compliments on our website and branding, all the way down to our email signature."

Whether your version of luxury is understated elegance or playful sophistication, we tailor your brand aesthetic to the couples you most want to work with, giving you a look that’s just as polished as it is timeless.

Create a cohesive client experience that enhances your credibility and inspires word of mouth referrals. Consistency establishes trust, and trust means more bookings with better clients. With every brand touchpoint, remind your clients that they made the right choice in hiring you.

With so many wedding vendors following the same website trends, you need to come in fresh. We help you achieve distinction by design. Feel more professional, visually communicate the value of your expertise, and give your ideal clients a convincing reason to choose you over your competition.

• Website Design
• Website Development
• Complete Website Prototype
• Custom Shopify Development
• SEO, Google Analytics, 
• Robust Testing + Launch Support
• Ongoing Website Maintenance 

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity Design
• Brand System Creation
• Social Media Design
• Copywriting
• Collateral Design
• Client Experience Design

With a process that’s intuitive-yet-organized, creatively-driven, and grounded in our commitment to transparency, working with Malone Agency is the opportunity you’ve been seeking to invest in your future success.

As a results-driven agency, we work in a full-service capacity ensuring every touchpoint between branding, digital design and collateral are an extension of your brand reputation.

Your brand deserves to exude a style all its own.

You’re ready to transform your business, elevate profits and look good while doing it.