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How to diversify your wedding planning services?

July 4, 2018

At some point in your wedding planning business, you’ll start wondering what else you can do to help scale your business. There are only so many weddings one can plan, am I right?
Now, with most of the wedding planners we work with have at least five to ten years of experience and have expanded their services to cater to both corporate and social events. There is a great opportunity as a seasoned planner to develop your services to fill holes in your schedule as your pricing increases (and bookings can become more sporadic) or to reignite a new creative energy when you’re feeling the wedding burnout. Another great benefit of diversifying your business is not only the variety in revenue but also the shorter planning times that is required of social and corporate event planning. You can often plan these events with less lead times, making them a quicker income earner.
Here are a few tips to help you begin to book more corporate and social events to fill your schedule!

    1. 1. Use your network: If you’re in the luxury market, most likely your clientele are business owners themselves, work for larger corporations, are involved in philanthropy and host social events. Utilize the great relationship you’ve built with these clients and let them know you do more than just plan weddings! They’ve already trusted you with a large sum of money to plan their own or their families wedding, so why wouldn’t they love to work with you in another capacity. If you don’t let them know, they’ll assume you’re not interested.


    1. 2. Add a separate services page on your website: The old saying “if you build it, they will come”, might not always be true. But I do know that if you have this content on your website, you will be more likely to come up in search engines or entice a visitor who might not have known you offer this service to inquire about more details. Don’t worry too much about portfolio work at this point, just having the content on your site will start to spark some interest. As you build your portfolio, you can add images that reflect the type of work you’re producing.


    1. 3. Create a social styled shoot: While corporate parties tend to be less desirable visually, there is a great opportunity to create some stand-out creative work that can be published and get noticed for social parties! This will drive traffic to your new services page and inspire new inquiries.


    1. 4. Use your past experience: Chances are you came from a corporate planning background or worked for another company before you started planning your own events. Consider adding press logos to your services page that showcases the brands and/or businesses that you’ve helped plan for in the past. Just make sure you have the rights to use that content before posting on your website. Press logos help build trust and back up your expertise in the industry, and to potential clients.


  1. 5. Network locally: Start expanding your typical network and veer outside of the wedding industry. That means attending local business commerce events, catering events and small business functions. You’ll begin to meet new people, marketing department heads and who knows, even a busy corporate mom who needs her social party planned!

If you’re ready to expand your services and feel your brand is feeling too bridal…I’d be happy to walk you through how a rebrand and new website can better service your business. And make you more money!

Ashley Malone