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Launch Love: Brooke Keegan Special Events!

September 23, 2015

We’re excited today to share a behind-the-scenes peek at another of our newly-launched brands, this time for the wonderful Brooke Keegan Special Events! Keep reading for all the details!
Brooke Keegan came to us as a referral from another client and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to work with her! (Truth be told, Brooke was actually on my secret list of brands that I wanted to work with – so imagine my happiness when she reached out!)
Words can’t accurately express how amazing it was working with Brooke and learning more about her incredible wedding planning company. Of course we were inspired by the calibre of events she designs, but that wasn’t all. Brooke’s goals for the future made her branding journey incredibly rewarding, because truly, helping our clients bring a dream to reality is one of the best parts of our job.
As part of the branding process, one of the most important elements that we wanted to communicate is that Brooke Keegan Special Events is a destination company. With her experience, expertise and creative vision, Brooke is able to expertly execute weddings all over the world, and that’s really where her true passion lies. We wanted to infuse this passion into everything we created.
Through our designs, we wanted to attract clients who stay at luxury boutique hotels and who cherish intimate and thoughtful events. The “Brooke Keegan couple” is wholeheartedly rooted in family values and their guests’ experience. Spoiling the guests throughout the entire event – with chauffeured rides from the airport, curated welcome bags in the hotel rooms, and a luxurious day-after tented brunch –  is part of Brooke’s signature service.
With that in mind, not only did we want to communicate a high level of service, but also Brooke’s creativity, warmth and professionalism. We achieved this by using soft, delicate colors to express romance and a down-to-earth feeling. We brought in texture with a stripe linen pattern to capture Brooke’s unique design style, best described as “natural elegance,” which is showcased in all her events. And we must talk about her new iconic symbol! This symbol’s design is rooted in classic design details, and softly resembles a B and backward K. The icon really gives the brand presence, conveying memorability and that boutique feeling we were going for.
The Brooke Keegan Special Events website transforms Brooke’s brand into a modern and thoughtful experience. There are special brand touches included throughout the site, from testimonials from her clients to stunning large images of her work and consistent graphic details pulled from her brand board (an essential part of our own client experience!).
We couldn’t be more proud of Brooke’s new branding, and are so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with her in its creation. We’d love to hear from other luxury wedding designers and other professionals who envision a beautiful new brand – please reach out if we can be of service!

Ashley Malone