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One of these most common questions we get from our clients is what platform we use to build websites. There are so many options available, which can make it overwhelming to choose the right platform. We’re here to compare two of our most commonly used platforms:


WordPress is one of the most popular and commonly used website platforms. It is a website builder that allows you to self-host your website. It is a blank canvas for custom design. And while it is great and commonly used at The Malone Agency, we don’t recommend it to just anybody. Without a team of experts, there is a big learning curve. We typically recommend WordPress to our clients who are bloggers or are familiar with it because you can make modifications to your content effortlessly and consistently, without having to delve into the complicated code files to add new content or upload new blog posts. 

While they do offer templates, they tend to be difficult to personalize outside of the theme without requiring custom code, which is why we recommend you have a team to help you and why we offer a maintenance package for all of your WordPress sites. We only build custom sites for our clients, which makes WordPress a powerful tool for our developers. There are endless loading features which makes for a one of a kind experience and design. 

Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of WordPress is the thousands of plugins to choose from. There are a variety of great ones that you can achieve additional functionality with and can help improve your site through SEO, speed, etc. 


Showit is a best kept secret. It is a website builder, but unlike WordPress it is entirely drag-and-drop, which means you don’t have to dig into custom coding or plugins in order to achieve your design goals. It is extremely user-friendly and after some training is extremely intuitive. We have been recommending it to a lot of our clients in the events, hospitality and interiors industry because there is a fast turnaround and Showit makes it simpler to keep your site updated. The one downfall to Showit is they don’t offer as many customization options then WordPress, but the basics are still available. 

One thing to note is Showit still utilizes WordPress as it’s blogging platform if you choose to include one. So you don’t need to be worried about losing the power of WordPress! 

Choosing the right website platform depends on your goals, budget, and ability to keep the site updated. We hope this brief comparison helps you make an informed decision on which website builder to use. 

Showit vs WordPress: What’s the difference?

May 16, 2023

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