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Signs it’s time to rebrand your business

December 13, 2022

With the rise of an aesthetic driven consumer, the design of your business is more important than ever. Gone are the days when Instagram followers or word of mouth are enough to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry with unique customer needs.

So what should you consider to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant?

Your Audience

The first aspect to explore is who your customers/clients are and analyze if they have changed. Alternatively you’ll also look at whether you are targeting the types of customers that fit your ideal audience. It’s common to loose insight of who your customers truly are, if you’ve been entrenched working in your business. If you are no longer attracting your ideal customer OR your business has shifted to a difference audience, it’s time to strategize what your brand is communicating to this client. Because your brand is about your customers, and in order to showcase your value, you need to build a brand around them!

Your Website

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and this is one piece that needs to stay current and ahead of your competitors. A website should be refreshed after one to two years of launching, and redesigned every three to four years – minimum. A website redesign, doesn’t mean you need to redo your brand, it could mean subtle refinements to adapt to your audience, or shift in your marketing approach. This is a great time to look at your sales process as well and make tweaks to your inquiry journey.

Your Services

If your services have adapted over the years, or you are offering completely new offerings – it’s likely time to adjust your brand and website strategy. What you are communicating both visually and verbally is an essential part of reinforcing your brand and supporting your current clients from word of mouth referrals and free marketing. You need to bridge that gap seamlessly in order to convert potential leads from getting the exact information they need, but also connecting your brand to what you specialize in.

Your Confidence

We’ve found that there is a direct correlation between how your brand makes you feel and how well you sell your services to customers. If you’re no longer feeling a connection to your brand, or are not proud of what your brand is communicating – get started on a rebrand as soon as possible. When you feel confident, excited, proud about your brand and website, that will translate to higher profits, better customers and a natural conversion that excites potential clients.

Ashley Malone