Top 8 eCommerce Brands Mastering Their Brand Presence


As a brand agency that is constantly creating brands for CPG and ecommerce, we can’t help but look to those who are inspiring their audience and getting creative in their marketing. These top 8 companies have created unique, memorable brand identities that resonate deeply with their customers. Their innovative approaches to storytelling, visual design, and customer engagement set them apart in a crowded market by consumers who are expecting so much more than the ordinary. Join us as we explore how these brands have crafted compelling narratives and cohesive experiences that drive loyalty and growth, offering inspiration for your own branding journey.

1. Rhode Skin

Rhode Skin excels with minimalist, elegant packaging and a clean aesthetic that exudes sophistication. Founded by Hailey Bieber, their language is approachable yet luxurious, resonating well on social media with an authentic and relatable tone. Their website offers a seamless, user-friendly experience that highlights their product benefits effectively. Plus their packaging is colorful, shiny and the photography makes you want to jump into the photo. Enough said, they are killing the branding game.

2. Jacquemus

Jacquemus captivates with bold, innovative designs and a distinctive aesthetic that merges simplicity with avant-garde. Their social media is vibrant and artistic, mirroring their playful yet chic brand language. The website experience is sleek, offering an immersive shopping journey. Plus they invest heavily into experiential marketing by sponsoring chic travel locations and hotels across the world. While their signature bag had their moment in 2022, they continue to innovate, stay relevant and get people excited about the narrative of their brand.

3. Fleur Home

Fleur Home’s branding is characterized by its romantic, whimsical aesthetic. Their products are exquisite, reflecting the high quality of their partnerships – including coveted connections with Nicky Hilton and Rachel Zoe. Who could imagine a mirror brand changing the interiors landscape with design that is anything but ordinary – crafting an aesthetic that is bright, feminine and somehow the focal point of designers rooms. The brand’s language is warm and inviting, and their website is beautifully designed, offering an engaging and enjoyable user experience.

4. Crown Affair

Crown Affair stands out with its refined, thoughtful packaging and an understated, elegant aesthetic. Their language is gentle and informative, creating a nurturing brand presence on social media. The website is clean and easy to navigate, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality and self-care. This cult-classic is not only elevated by it’s brand, but it’s loyal following and simple formula’s that creators and celebrities are excited to share again, and again.

5. Jennifer Behr

Jennifer Behr’s branding is luxurious and sophisticated, with opulent packaging and a timeless aesthetic. Their language is elegant and aspirational, engaging a loyal audience on social media. The website offers a high-end shopping experience, showcasing their products beautifully. With collections with top-tier influencers like Julia Berolzheimer, they are leaning into curated collections that are sold-out after each drop.

6. Staud

Staud is known for its trendy, vibrant aesthetic and fun, eye-catching digital experience. Their brand language is playful and bold, making a strong impression on social media. The website experience is dynamic and user-friendly, reflecting the brand’s contemporary vibe. Something about this brand feels both edgy and warm, fashion-forward and still classic – they carry this brand through each product, some simple dresses with incredible lines to bags that are trendy and chic.

7. Olipop

Olipop’s branding is fresh and nostalgic, with retro-inspired packaging that stands out. Their language is friendly and engaging, fostering a sense of community on social media. The website is colorful and interactive, enhancing the overall customer experience. They lean into trends, but make it boldly on-brand – utilizing AI, clip art and cheeky graphics to communicate and connect with their customers based just on imagery alone.

8. Blueland

Blueland’s eco-friendly packaging and clean, modern aesthetic highlight their commitment to sustainability. Their language is clear and educational, resonating well with their environmentally-conscious audience on social media. The website is intuitive and informative, emphasizing their mission-driven approach. Perhaps the simplest of packaging, which clearly communicates their simple ingredients – leaning into that clean aesthetic which perfectly represents their products.

I'm Ashley Malone,

A branding expert, designer, and creative director with over a decade of experience transforming ideas into visually compelling and strategically sound brands. I believe in the power of storytelling and simplicity in design to connect brands with their audiences on an emotional level.