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Launch: The Design Co

October 31, 2018

When Laura and Ashley of The Design Co reached out to us to redesign their website, I was instantly inspired. In fact, one of the photos that has forever been on my “dream home” Pinterest board was designed by this talented interior design duo.
We started by refreshing their logo. They actually had a logo they loved, but the typography needed some cleaning up, as well as creating more consistency in their brand identity. With this in mind, we created a new logo, chose new brand fonts, selected an elevated colour palette and worked on alternative logo marks.
Now that they had a solid brand direction in place, we could start to reimagine their online experience. Like their work, the website needed to be elevated, curated and filled with intentional details. I love the movement we were able to create to give the user a grand sense of their spaces but to also highlight their new shop.
Every detail from their brand, work and website is now consistent, user friendly and wildly expressive!
Check out their live site to see some of the advanced development features we were able to infuse: http://www.thedesignco.ca/

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