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Why letting “go” of your brand is bad for business!

August 16, 2018

As business owners we all reach a point where things are going well, you’re booking the right clientele, working with great budgets and creating work that’s inspiring. It’s during this time of contentment and busy that we often stop paying attention to how our brands are being perceived. Maybe you’ve always had a referral based business or perhaps never relied on your website for new customers. However every business comes to the point where things change and the exterior look of things can make or break new bookings…
It’s possible that a newbie competitor who was just starting out is now up for the same jobs you are. What happens when you’ve been in business for many years is that generations change and so do your customers. And each generation has evolving needs and things they value when making a decision to hire a person or brand. So let me ask you, if that newbie owner hasn’t neglected their website and a dream clients lands on both your websites – who would they choose? If your customers find value in how things look (and let me tell you they do),  who is going to get the inquiry? Who’s going to get the chance to wow that dream client and start charging premium pricing too. You got it, the non-competitor that now is one!
If it’s time to invest in your business, where it matters most. We’d love to guide you through building a legacy brand and modern online experience that continues to get you booked out by the clients you love working with most.

Ashley Malone